Pick One: Which Do You Most Want To See At Next Week's Xbox Showcase?

Welcome back to Pick One! This time, we're naturally focusing on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Games Showcase next week on July 23rd, which hopefully will feature some huge game reveals.

All of the games below have been rumoured to be in development by Xbox Games Studios teams, but which are you most hoping to see next Thursday? Remember, you can only pick one!

Let's take a look at what we're working with:

Perfect Dark

New Xbox studio The Initiative is rumoured to be working on a Perfect Dark reboot for Xbox Series X, and there have been varying suggestions as to whether the company will make an appearance at next week's event. Do you want to see a new Perfect Dark at the Xbox Games Showcase? Let us know below.


The rumours of a new Fable appear more nailed-on than Perfect Dark - new Kinda Funny xCast host Alanah Pearce even went as far as to say it's definitely happening in a recent video. But will we see it next week, and how interested are you in a new Fable game anyway? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Forza Motorsport

It seems very likely that a new Forza Motorsport is on the way for Xbox Series X, and its codename was supposedly discovered last week as well. Forza would obviously be a popular launch title and it's been three years since the last entry in the Motorsport series, so how excited are you for it? Tell us below.

Let us know which of these franchises you're most hoping to see at the showcase.

Which Of These Do You Most Want To See Next Week?