Recreate Games has revealed that its hilariously floppy physics-based party game, Party Animals, is "unleashing the cute" on PC and consoles in late 2020.

The game will feature a range of playable animals such as puppies and kittens, and is said to include a variety of task-oriented and competitive games in online or offline modes, built around a unique physics engine developed in-house.

Reportedly, the game was so popular during the recent Steam Game Festival that its limited-time demo crashed the developer's third-party servers. We don't know exact platforms for Party Animals as of yet (aside from PC), but it looks like it'll be coming to Xbox One and/or Xbox Series X later this year.

Fight your friends as puppies, kittens and other fuzzy creatures in PARTY ANIMALS! Paw it out with your friends both online and offline. Interact with the world under our realistic physics engine. Did I mention PUPPIES?

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