Publisher Nacon has announced Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, along with a short teaser trailer for the game which you can see above. No release date or platforms have been revealed as of yet.

Very few details have been provided, although Creative Director at KT Racing Alain Jarniou highlighted that Solar Crown was the name of the competition in the previous TDU game, and that the team wanted to reuse the name and the championship's concept, which is not a closed championship with restrictions.

He explained that the team wanted to give players the freedom to progress through the game however they want, and keep the DNA of the game while also evolving the gameplay and game modes to make them more modern. Furthermore TDU: Solar Crown will feature an island created at a 1:1 scale, where you can visit everything you can see.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is an open world driving and lifestyle experience. Grab your keys and live your life of luxury. Remember, social status is everything In the world of TDU.

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