Little Town Hero
Image: Game Freak

Out of nowhere, Game Freak has released its brand-new RPG Little Town Hero on the Xbox One. Although the Microsoft Store launch date is listed as 23rd June, according to multiple sources, this version has only just been made available. It'll set you back £17.99 / $21.49 and requires 2.4 GB of free space.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, Game Freak is the same developer responsible for the mainline Pokémon series. Its latest title stars a boy named Axe who must defend his town from a monster invasion. The battle system is described as being "entirely unique" and almost all of the music in it was composed by Undertale creator Toby Fox.

Our sister site Nintendo Life gave the game seven out of ten stars when it was first released on the Switch in 2019 and described it as a scaled-back RPG for the time-poor player:

Game Freak proves that a ‘casual’ game can still have plenty of imagination, even on a smaller scale. It's far from essential, but if you love CCG-style combat and can't stomach another 100-hour RPG, there's much to like in Little Town Hero.

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