Early FIFA 21 Gameplay Seems To Have Leaked Online

It looks like we've received our first look at FIFA 21 gameplay, courtesy of a couple of sources - a video that's being shared (and rapidly removed) over on YouTube, and a Twitter account called FIFA 21 Betaa (thanks IGN).

The Twitter account has been posting snippets of what appears to be a "FIFA Producer Tour" version of FIFA 21 with an "EA Play" watermark, including a sneak peek at the updated UI as you can see below:


The actual gameplay footage doesn't give too much away, aside from that it looks highly similar to FIFA 20, suggesting this isn't the next-gen version of the game. Instead, it appears to have been taken from the PS4 version.

Interestingly, it does show off what appears to be a new advantage mechanic, seemingly allowing you to accept a free-kick rather than continuing the play when fouled in possession. Here's a look at it, along with some gameplay:




Obviously this is pre-release footage, so we suggest not looking into it too much! EA Sports is set to reveal more information about FIFA 21 in August, having unveiled an initial batch of features this past Thursday.

What do you think of the FIFA 21 gameplay footage so far? Give us your thoughts below.

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