Poll: Which Has Been Your Favourite Xbox Console To Date?

Here's something that'll make veteran Xbox fans feel old - the original system was first released almost twenty years ago back on November 15, 2001. Since then, players have enjoyed countless gaming sessions across multiple generations of Xbox devices, racking up some serious playtime along the way.

But which of those consoles has been your favourite to date? Those who remember the early days of Halo might instantly point to the original Xbox, while fans of the Xbox 360 could highlight its excellent games library and significant evolution of Xbox Live multiplayer. And in the case of the Xbox One (and Xbox One X), features such as Xbox Game Pass and backwards compatibility provide more value and choice than ever.

With all of this in mind, we want to know which Xbox console has been your favourite so far. We're not focusing on specific models aside from the Xbox One X - but feel free to go into detail in the comments below!

Vote in the poll and give us your thoughts in the comments.

Which Has Been Your Favourite Xbox Console To Date?