Don't Worry, Coffee Talk Isn't Trying To Collect Your Personal Data

Indie game Coffee Talk is currently available with Xbox Games with Gold, and as a result, lots of players have been noticing that the game initially asks for permission to grant personal data to be sent to the game's publisher.

Taking to Twitter, publisher Chorus Worldwide explained that it doesn't request or keep any personal data from the game, and that the issue relates to the Universal Windows Platform that it chose to port the game to Xbox One, which displays the permission screen by default.

Furthermore, if you decline the permission screen the first time, it appears as though the game permanently refuses to save progress or grant achievements thereafter:

"The default behaviour for UWP apps on Xbox One is to display the permissions request screen, whether the developer is requesting data or not. It's also the default behaviour that UWP games won't allow saving and achievement registration unless the user grants those permissions. Those behaviours can't be changed."

The company says it's looking into whether it can re-port Coffee Talk using something other than UWP, and it will no longer use the platform for porting its future Xbox One games. It also apologised for the issue, and explained it was "100% on us here at Chorus," and not the developer or Microsoft.

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