The Season Four Reloaded update for Call of Duty: Warzone has officially dropped, bringing with it a limited-time 200-player Battle Royale mode, a new starter pack and more.

The 200-player mode is featured as part of Battle Royale Quads, allowing 50 teams of four to drop into Verdansk. The update also includes a new weapon called the Spotter Scope, allowing you to scan the environment and mark enemies without being detected, as well as a new Juggernaut Royale mode as described below:

Ready up with a Juggernaut Suit in the Juggernaut Royale mode. Find one of the airdropped care packages to become the Juggernaut and use the mini-gun to attack enemies and vehicles. Once a Juggernaut is sent to the Gulag, a new Juggernaut care package will drop on the map, so do your best to capture the suit and take on any squad that stands in your way.

Furthermore, the new Call of Duty: Warzone Starter Pack is available for $4.99 USD SRP (or regional equivalent), and includes 500 COD Points, an Alchemist operator skin and Amalgam weapon blueprint, and more.

The update is available to download right now on Xbox One, but reportedly has another pretty hefty size of 22GB-30GB for Call of Duty: Warzone players, and 22-36 GB for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players.

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