Microsoft: Our Teams Are Creating "The Biggest And Best Line Up Of Exclusives In Xbox History"

Microsoft further detailed its plans for backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X yesterday, confidently calling it the "most powerful and compatible next-gen console with thousands of games at launch."

But the company didn't just talk about backwards compatibility. Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X also reiterated that all 15 Xbox Game Studios are currently working on games for the console, boldly stating that they're creating "the biggest and best line up of exclusives in Xbox history."

"Thousands of developers from across the globe are currently creating the next generation of transformative games, many of which can only be realized through the power and innovation of the Xbox Series X. Led by Halo Infinite, our 15 Xbox Game Studios teams are hard at work creating the biggest and best line up of exclusives in Xbox history. We are incredibly excited to show many of the new games in development for Xbox Series X soon."

As for when we'll get to see them, Microsoft has already confirmed it'll be sharing first looks at new gameplay and brand-new game announcements from a number of Xbox Game Studios teams during July's Xbox 20/20 event, including from 343 Industries with Halo Infinite. We can't wait!

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