Perfect Dark Composer Says He'd Love To Work On An Xbox Series X Reboot

If you haven't seen the exhaustive new 'Perfect Dark Turns 20' feature over at sister site Nintendo Life yet, we highly recommend checking it out! As part of it, some of the team involved in making the game talked about a potential Xbox Series X reboot, which has been heavily rumoured in recent weeks and months.

In particular, Perfect Dark composer Grant Kirkhope (who also worked on Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye 007 and more), suggested he'd be interested in a possible reboot:

“That [Perfect Dark] team had a real magic about them. GoldenEye was revolutionary, but I think Perfect Dark is equally revolutionary. It had a real specialness about it. Perfect Dark Zero didn’t quite do as well, so it still feels like the original is *the* Perfect Dark. I think it needs a reboot, or another one.”

“If there were making a reboot, I’d love to have another crack at it.”

As for some of the other members of the team, Perfect Dark designer Duncan Botwood indicated that he wished the creators of a potential reboot "every success" and would look forward to seeing it, but didn't envy their job of updating it. Fellow designer Martin Hollis noted that capturing the essence of the original would prove key.

Meanwhile, environment artist Ross Bury suggested that the game would likely have a much larger team than the original, and therefore, like 2005's Perfect Dark Zero, could lack that special spark:

“If they’re expanding on the original, they’ve got a better chance of matching it rather than coming up with their own ideas and having a massive studio to do it... The way I work now, it’s the same thing – you’re not involved in everything, you just can’t be because there are too many people.”

Do you think a Perfect Dark reboot is in the works for Xbox Series X? Share your thoughts below.