Jungle Awakens - DLC Pack 1
Image: Mojang

After a few leaks, Mojang has now officially confirmed the two DLC packs coming to Minecraft Dungeons.

The first one is "Jungle Awakens" and will be released in July, and the second adventure is "Creeping Winter" and will arrive at some point later this year.

Here's a bit about what you can expect from the first DLC:

In this adventure, you’ll enter a distant, dangerous jungle to fight a mysterious power in three new missions. To defeat the terrors hidden among the vines, you’ll have new weapons, armor, and artifacts at your disposal.

You'll also get to meet the Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie, Poison Quill Vine, and many others in this new pack.

Jungle Awakens - DLC Pack 1
Image: Mojang

Once you're done with this, you can then get ready to explore the frozen peaks in the "Creeping Winter" DLC.

Although there's no release date for the second pack, a Switch eShop listing earlier this week had the "planned release date" down as September. It also listed Jungle Awakens for July, which obviously turned out to be correct.

If you own the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons, then you already have access to both of these DLC packs when they are released. Otherwise, you'll have to fork out a little bit extra to enjoy them.

Will you be checking out the first DLC pack when it arrives this July? Leave a comment below.

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