Microsoft: Developers Have Flexibility On Xbox Series X, Standard 60FPS Is Not A Mandate

Yesterday, a comment from a Ubisoft representative caused a fair bit of commotion when it was reportedly revealed that Assassin's Creed Valhalla will run "at least" 30fps on Xbox Series X, suggesting 60fps (or higher) support for the game will either be absent, or is still being worked on.

While not commenting on the game itself, GM of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg has explained more about the "standard output" of 60fps on Xbox Series X that he mentioned last week. Responding to Tom Warren of The Verge, Greenberg revealed that games aren't forced to run at 60fps or higher on the system, and that developers have flexibility on how to utilise the console's power:

As we all know, the Xbox Series X has the potential to support up to 120fps, with upcoming title Dirt 5 already confirmed to feature a 120HZ mode. But given that the power is ultimately in the developer's hands, it remains to be seen whether all games will be able (or choose) to achieve 60fps or above on the system.

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