DICE Producer Comments On Petition To Bring Back Paid Support For Star Wars Battlefront II

The basic history of Star Wars Battlefront II is well-known at this point. The game got off to a horrendous start back in 2017 following its highly controversial inclusion of invasive microtransactions, but ultimately (and impressively) redeemed itself via a redesigned multiplayer system and masses of free content.

Late last month, EA confirmed the game was "complete" after 25 free updates, revealing that major game updates would no longer be released for the title. Following this, a petition was created to continue support for the game with paid DLC, and over 30k players have signed it so far:

"Star Wars: Battlefront II is one of the greatest video game redemption stories of all time. From a disastrous launch to a complete success, the transformation of the game is inspiring to all Star Wars fans and gamers alike. Unfortunately, the game was cut short while still having so much potential for wonderful new content. New maps, heroes, skins, etc. are a must for this game. All those who sign this petition would be willing to pay for new DLC to keep this awesome game alive."

It seems DICE Producer Ben Walke, who previously worked as the game's Community Manager, has been bombarded with tweets since this petition was created. Yesterday he finally commented on it, referring to an alternative petition in which 215k supporters asked Lucasfilm to "revoke EA's Star Wars license" following the initial release of the game:

Following this, Walke replied to a commenter who suggested he didn't care about the petition, stressing that "everyone on the team cares, we care so much," but also revealing that 30k is considerably less than the number of players Star Wars Battlefront II gets every week.

What do you make of this? Are you still playing Battlefront II? Let us know in the comments.

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