Chorus Dev: It's Easier To Develop For Xbox Series X Than Any Other Console

We had our first look at upcoming Xbox Series X space combat shooter Chorus during Inside Xbox the other day, and Johannes Kuhlmann, head of core technology at developer FishLabs, has spoken more about what it's like to develop for the system in a new in-depth interview with Eurogamer.

The Chorus creator talked about a bunch of different Xbox Series X related topics, including how the team is targeting 4K resolution and 60fps for the next-gen version of the game. In terms of how challenging the process has proved in adapting to the console, Kuhlmann admitted it's been straightforward:

"I've got to say, the transition from coming from Xbox One to Xbox Series X was straightforward. We felt right at home on the new devkit. There weren't any particular challenges. You have way more freedom. You don't have to worry about the framerate as much. You can instead crank it up to a higher framerate. In the end it's easier to develop for Xbox Series X than any other console."

Regarding the differences between the two versions, Kuhlmann revealed that while both are "going to be awesome," the team is attempting to make the Xbox Series X edition of Chorus "a whole lot more dynamic," highlighting the ability to simulate more physics, ramp up the effects on destruction and explosions, and more.

"One thing we are now working on with the help of Xbox Series X is procedural destruction, so actual objects are broken apart at runtime, exactly where you shoot them. And of course, that feels like you're actually having an impact on the environment. And I feel that is super awesome, if the stuff actually breaks were I shot at it."

What do you make of Kuhlmann's comments? Are you looking forward to Chorus? Share your thoughts below.