Just because the Xbox Series X has been compared to fancy-looking fridges and stacked GameCube, doesn't necessarily mean it has to remain upright. As Head of Xbox Phil Spencer explained not long after the system's reveal late last year, Microsoft's next-gen home console supports both vertical and horizontal orientation. So far, though, the company hasn't really shared any official images of the system on its side.

While it's hard to find photographic evidence that the new hardware can operate this way, an xboxone subreddit user noticed how Digital Foundry's latest video about the Series X showed a close-up of the four tiny "rubber feet" on the right side of the system (see above). In the same clip, there's also a look at the device in its horizontal orientation.

This should at least be enough reassurance that you won't have to display the system upright, if it's not your style. While vertical orientation has always been a nice way for companies to showcase the next-generation of hardware, it's not always the safest or most practical placement in the living room. How this horizontal stance could potentially impact the airflow and system temps is something that won't be known until it is released, either.

How will you be displaying your Xbox Series X? How have you orientated past systems like the 360? Tell us down below.

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