The New Xbox One Experience has started to roll out slowly as it builds up towards its full launch. As part of this process there have been a few bumps in the road with bugs and a number of these have been addressed already. A new Community Calendar app has been set live to download as well. This app is expected to help re-add some missing features around the community side of things, as well as add new functionality to bring gamers closer together.


  • If your console is in Instant-On mode and you have been selected, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby.
  • NOTE: Once the update is available to your wave, you can manually begin the update by navigating to Settings > System and selecting System Update.
  • If your console hasn't downloaded and installed the update by 1:00AM PT 10/20/2015, you will be prompted to do so at that tim


  • Community Calendar. A new version of the Community Calendar app is available to download and install from "Beta and Games Apps" in the Xbox Preview Dashboard.Today we're pushing a 1510 system update to Threshold Preview. The system update will be available at 6:00 pm today, 10/18/15 and mandatory at 2:00 AM PDT on 10/20/15.


  • Friends List: The friends list will now successfully update in the guide.
  • System Update: Users performing a system update while the console is in use, will no longer experience their screens freezing, or receive an E203 error and the update will apply correctly.
  • Wireless Networking:
    • Users should no longer encounter a "wireless network hardware on this console is not working" error when connecting to Xbox Live with a wireless connection.
    • You will now be able to detect wireless networks with an external hard drive attached.
  • Crash on dashboard: You should no longer encounter a crash when moving from the Home tab to the Store tab on the dashboard.
  • TV Audio with Instant-On: When resuming from connected standby, Live TV should no longer start with no audio.

Mike Ybarra - the lead on Xbox's software engineering side - has also confirmed via Twitter that all members who have opted into to the new NXOE should have now received it on their consoles;


Be sure to check back with Pure Xbox for more information as November and the full release of the New Xbox One Experience approaches.