Microsoft has announced that they'll be releasing a new Xbox One console bundle on November 3rd in the US, which will come with an Xbox One Elite Controller and a 1TB Hybrid SSHD Drive.

We know all about the Elite Controller of course, but the new drive will be - for the time being, at least - exclusively available in this bundle. For those that aren't up to speed with drive technology, a hybrid SSHD drive keeps most of your data on a standard drive, just like you have now. However, a solid state portion of the drive (flash memory) is utilized to store your most frequently access files and data. The flash memory is many times faster than the standard drive, so response times are quicker when using those files. We would imagine - and this is just a guess - that the operating system (or parts of it) will be stored on the flash portion of the drive initially to improve overall system performance.

The whole bundle will set you back $499.99, which means that you're getting the new drive and an Elite controller for around $100 more than you'd pay for a standard 1TB system (although the standard 1TB systems usually come with a game for $399.)

The Xbox One Elite bundle will be available direct from Microsoft or via Gamestop in the US, with details for other regions yet to be confirmed.

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