'Xbox Developer Direct' Event Date, Start Time & Where To Watch

It's almost time for Xbox's first ever 'Developer Direct' livestream! Yep, Microsoft is about to deliver deep dives into some of Xbox and Bethesda's biggest upcoming titles, in a brand-new event format for 2023.

Here's everything you need to know about the Xbox Developer Direct January 2023 event.

What Can We Expect From Xbox Developer Direct?

Well, this is a tough one! As it's a brand-new show format for Xbox, we're not entirely sure what to expect in terms of delivery and how the show will flow from moment to moment.

However, Xbox has been pretty clear on what games will be shown off here. Expect to see brand-new footage on Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Minecraft Legends and The Elder Scrolls Online, including some potential release date info for some of these titles.

We're also hoping for another Xbox Game Pass drop, as the month ahead is looking pretty dry right now. Xbox hasn't said whether the subscription service will have a major presence here, but they'll need to reveal more Xbox Game Pass titles at some point in the near future!

What Date Is The Xbox Developer Direct Event?

The Xbox's Developer Direct event takes place this Wednesday, January 25th. The team's first 'Direct' show will feature the four aforementioned games, with Starfield getting its own dedicated showcase in the future.

Xbox Developer Direct Start Time

The Xbox Developer Direct event has a start time of 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT on January 25th.

Xbox has confirmed that the show will last for around 43 minutes, with a separate The Elder Scrolls Online showcase taking place right after the Developer Direct wraps up.

Where To Watch Xbox's Developer Direct Event

Both Xbox and Bethesda will be hosting the showcase across all of your typical video channels.

You can watch the Xbox Developer Direct January 2023 Event at the following links:

As usual with these sorts of things, we're hosting the Xbox Developer Direct January 2023 event here at Pure Xbox, so if you want to watch along live and join the chatroom, you can do so! If you can't catch it live, we'll be covering all the big announcements on the website as well.

Note: Microsoft has revealed that the live show will stream at 1080p & 60FPS, with a 4K version of the event available right after the showcase wraps up.

Are you looking forward to the Xbox event? Let us know!

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