Guide: Is Watch Dogs Legion Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

You might have heard a rumour about Watch Dogs: Legion coming to Xbox Game Pass over the past year, but as of October 2021, the game has yet to get a release date for Microsoft's service. So, where did this rumour come from?

It actually stems from XboxEra podcast co-host, Shpeshal Ed, who heavily implied back in March 2021 that Watch Dogs: Legion could be on the way by emphasising the the words Game, Passes, and Legion in a tweet.

Of course, this is far from confirmation of an Xbox Game Pass addition, and seeing as there's been no sign of it as of yet, we're going to assume this was just an innocent tweet that got out of hand and caused a barrage of speculation.

Will Watch Dogs: Legion come to Xbox Game Pass? It seems very possible in the future, but for now, we'd suggest not getting your hopes up too much. Ubisoft doesn't tend to put too many games on Game Pass, and seeing as the original Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 have never made it onto the service, we wouldn't bet on it anytime soon.

Do you think Watch Dogs: Legion will find its way onto Xbox Game Pass eventually? Let us know down below.