The Callisto Protocol Release Date, Release Times & Preload Details On Xbox

It's finally almost time for The Callisto Protocol on Xbox! The gory shooter is being directed by the co-creator of the Dead Space series, Glen Schofield, so we've got high hopes that it'll turn out to be something special. With just a few days left to go, you'll find all the details you need to know in this guide including the Callisto Protocol release date, release times, preload times and more!

So, here's everything you need to know about The Callisto Protocol's launch on Xbox.

The Callisto Protocol Xbox Release Date

The Callisto Protocol's release date is December 2nd across all available platforms including Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This applies for every version of the game on the Microsoft Store.

Keep in mind that The Callisto Protocol doesn't appear to support Smart Delivery on Xbox, so you'll need to pick the right version for your console when buying the game.

The Callisto Protocol Release Times For Xbox

The Callisto Protocol's release time is 12am ET / 5am GMT on December 2nd according to the Xbox Store. This means it should also be available at 9pm PT on December 1st.

The Callisto Protocol Preload Times Xbox

You can preload The Callisto Protocol for Xbox right now on the official Xbox app for Android and iOS. Simply load up the app, search for The Callisto Protocol, and then hit "Download to Console" on the version you want.

If you don't want to use the app, official preloads will seemingly become available on November 30th.

The Callisto Protocol Release Date, Release Times & Preload Details On Xbox 2

The Callisto Protocol Xbox Download Size

The Callisto Protocol's download size is clocking in at around 44GB on Xbox Series X.

Is The Callisto Protocol On Xbox Game Pass?

The Callisto Protocol is not on Xbox Game Pass at launch, and the developer has previously stated it would be a "difficult fit" for Game Pass. In other words, don't get your hopes up with this one!

Will you be playing The Callisto Protocol on Xbox this week? Come let us know in the comments!