Xbox Engineer Explains Why Smart Delivery Forces Series X|S Version

One question we've often asked ourselves since the Xbox Series X|S launched is this: why can't we install the last-gen version of a game to save on SSD space? It seems we're not alone either, as plenty of you have also wondered the same thing. Well, we've finally got a response, and the reason is... questionable at best.

Xbox's Eden Marie has responded on Twitter to that very question about cross-gen installs. The engineer says that Smart Delivery is as much a developer feature as a fan one, and certain assurances from Xbox help devs optimise their games.

This certainly explains why Smart Delivery works as it does, and it likely makes compatibility somewhat smoother for developers who are creating multiple versions of a game.

However, we think this is a bit of a pants answer to be honest. Xbox Series console are supposed to be fully compatible with Xbox One systems, and this answer is hardly user-friendly. Conserving SSD space is a legitimate concern β€” especially given how expensive Xbox Series X|S external storage cards are β€” and we'd like to see Xbox create some sort of workaround here.

Xbox Engineer Explains Why Smart Delivery Forces Series X|S Version 2

However, we're also aware that as the generation moves on and last-gen consoles are slowly dropped, this will become less of a prominent issue.

What do you think? Should Xbox tweak Smart Delivery to allow for last-gen downloads? Let us know your thoughts below.