The Callisto Protocol Dev Explains Why It's A 'Difficult' Fit For Xbox Game Pass

We're definitely looking forward to the Dead Space inspired The Callisto Protocol ahead of its release on Xbox this December 2nd, but unfortunately it won't be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, and the devs have explained why.

Basically, they believe that making a linear single-player game work on Xbox Game Pass as an "independent third-party" is difficult to do, as it's more suited towards "open-world style and repetitive multiplayer games."

Here's a bit of what Mark James, CTO at Striking Distance Studios, had to say (thanks True Achievements):

"Microsoft has their own single-player games within the service, and I still think you're going to see the platform holder studios provide single-player games in them; I'm just saying [that] as a financial model, it's a difficult one to make work as an independent studio."

James went on to suggest that it's not impossible that The Callisto Protocol could come to Xbox Game Pass eventually, it's just "hard financially to make that work".

So there you go! Maybe start saving some Microsoft Rewards points for that one later this year...

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