Microsoft Rewards: Three Perfect Games For The Daily 'Play With Friends' Quest

If you're a big fan of the Microsoft Rewards program on Xbox, you're probably well aware of the "Play with Friends on PC" daily quest for (at least) 100 points. This is one of the easiest ways to rack up a massive number of points throughout the month, and the best part is that you don't actually need to "play with friends" in order to complete it! The downside is that it's only available in certain regions right now.

Instead, all you need to do is play a PC game with other people online, and even if your PC isn't really up to scratch for gaming purposes, there are enough PC Game Pass titles you can download that will do the job anyway.

Firstly, here are the basics of how to complete the "Play With Friends on PC" Microsoft Rewards quest:

  1. Jump into an applicable PC Game Pass title online with other players
  2. Wait for a notification on your PC / the Xbox mobile app that the Quest has popped
  3. Log into the Xbox mobile app and claim your points

You'll find that it sometimes takes just a few minutes to register, and at other times it can take quite a while. In general, as long as you play for a few minutes before you quit the game, it should pop at some point in the near future. For example, we usually play a round of Quake 2 and then leave, after which the notification soon appears.

There are certain games for which the "Play with Friends on PC" quest may not work, and in general you need to make sure you're matched up with at least one other Xbox gamertag in the game you're in. Also, be sure not to ruin the experience for other players by sitting idly in games and abusing the system - it's not fair on everyone else!

So, let's take a look at three games that are perfect for the "Play With Friends" Microsoft Rewards quest:

Forza Horizon 5

There's no greater excuse to play a few online races in Forza Horizon 5 than Microsoft Rewards. You may actually find that the "Play With Friends on PC" quest pops while you're just cruising around, but just to make sure, it's better to jump into one, two or three online races with other players. That should get it done!

The barrier to entry here is the need for a good gaming PC, but otherwise you're good to go.

Halo Infinite or Master Chief Collection

Fancy a quick game of Halo while earning some Microsoft Rewards points? All you need to do is hop into either Halo Infinite or Halo: The Master Chief Collection and play a multiplayer game. The quest will probably pop around halfway into your game, although in some cases it might be a little earlier or later.

Just like that, you've played a round of Halo and added to your MS Rewards total in a big way!

Quake 2

This is our favourite way to complete the Microsoft Rewards "Play With Friends" Quest right now. Firstly, Quake 2 is a really small download, so it won't take you long to install it. The other big bonus is that it's a remaster of a very old game, so most PCs should be able to run the game with ease - regardless of how old or slow they might be (if you're still having trouble, maybe try Quake 1 instead?).

All you need to do is load into the game, go into the "Online" section and find a match to jump into. As long as there's at least one other Xbox player in there, the Quest should track if you play for at least 5-10 minutes. After that, you can quit the game and wait for the notification to display on your PC / mobile. Easy!

So, there you go! What other games do you use for this Microsoft Rewards quest? Tell us down below.