PSA: There's A New Way To Earn Microsoft Rewards Points With The Xbox App 4

We're always on the lookout for new ways to top up our Microsoft Rewards balance, and while the following method has been trialled by random Xbox users for a while, it seems like it's rolling out to even more people, particularly in the UK.

That said, Microsoft is still classing this as a trial for now, and it's only available in certain regions:

"Note: This service trial is only available in specific regions and participants are randomly selected."

To access it, you'll want to install the Xbox App (not the Game Pass app) on your Android or iOS device. Then, navigate to your profile (found in the bottom-right) and you'll see an option for "Earn Rewards".

Be aware that you're only looking at around 200-350 points at max — but they reset daily, so that adds up very quickly!

If you're curious, the "Tap here to play" button takes you to a game of Microsoft Jewel, which is basically a Candy Crush style game. You need to complete one level to get the five points.

We previously mentioned that these rewards reset daily, so you can really rack up a lot of points if you're dedicated, and there's also a "Mobile Streak" bonus for logging in every day as you can see above.

Plus, if you complete all the bonus point tasks (being subscribed to Game Pass, keeping seven friends and linking a social account), you'll get multipliers on all the tasks you complete, allowing you to earn many more points per-day.

Here's an example of how many bonus points you can earn with the "Play with friends on PC" quest:

As referenced in the comment above, the most points come from playing PC Game Pass titles — the "Play with friends on PC" Quest for 100 points requires you to play online multiplayer in any form, so you don't necessarily have to party up with your friends. That said, only certain games seem to work with it — here are some suggestions:

Stick with it, and you could be earning thousands more Microsoft Rewards points via this method every month! That said, keep in mind that Microsoft is calling this trial a "temporary experience," so it may go through some changes when it eventually rolls out to the public — whenever that may be.

Have you tried this yet? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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