lies of p scrapped watchman
Image: Pure Xbox

Lies of P's second boss battle proper, Scrapped Watchman is another fairly tough opponent who brings electricity to the party, making for a battle that can end quickly if you rush it. Let's take a look at how to beat the Scrapped Watchman.

Lies of P: Scrapped Watchman Boss Guide

First things first, the most important parts of your strategy here are to stock up on throwable items once again, just like we did with Parade Master, then summon a spectre from outside the arena to help distract and attack the boss. With both these things down, the number one tactic in the arena is to make sure to keep your distance and watch as the Watchman performs his powerful - but slow - swing attack and a jumping attack.

lies of p scrapped watchman 2
Image: Pure Xbox

Both of these attacks leave him open to damage, so watch for him to get off balance after his dashing swing and for his slow recovery when he lands down from his jump, these are your windows of opportunity to whittle him down early on.

In this early phase, when you see him start to swipe from side to side, make sure you're well out of the way as he chains together quite a few slashes here which will do you in if you get caught up. Safety here is all about distancing yourself until you see the windows we already mentioned to strike.

With these moves down you'll easily whittle him down to half health, at which point we enter phase 2.

lies of p scrapped watchman 3
Image: Pure Xbox

Now he's going to set up electricity attacks, which are easy to see coming as the floor will start to pulsate with electricity, signalling that you should move away.

Also in this phase, watch for him holding his arm aloft for a time, this signals his intention to perform a highly damaging grab attack. As soon as you see that arm aloft, get out of the way.

With these tactics and plenty of help from your spectre pal, plus the ability to cause lots of damage with ranged throwables, you should find you have this boos in the bag fairly quickly. As a reward you'll get another piece of Quartz and the Broken Hero's Ergo.