Lies of P treasure hunter location
Image: Pure Xbox

Lies of P takes quite a few cues from the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and one of these is its special boss souls or "Ergo" which can be either consumed for lots of Ergo or traded in for unique and powerful weapons and amulets.

But how and where do you trade in Boss Ergo? Let's take a look.

Lies of P: How To Use Boss Ergo, Trade Boss Ergo, Find The Treasure Hunter

In order to trade in any fancy boss ergo that you've collected by defeating any of the game's main bosses, you'll need to find the treasure hunter, a hound by the name of Alidoro. You can find Alidoro right at the very top of the Cathedral, where he's taking in some excellent views.

You don't need to defeat the cathedral boss to get to Alidoro's position, simply keep making your way up through the tricky walkway and beam sections in this area, take a few lifts and you'll eventually come to a slime-chucking miniboss who you'll need to take out to open a door on the right of the room in which you engage him.

Lies of P treasure hunter location 2
Image: Pure Xbox

Once he's toast, head out the door and you'll find your way up to Alidoro. Have a chat with him and you'll get a choice of sending him to the puppet factory or back to the Hotel Krat hub, we chose hub.

From here you can now peruse his selection of weapons and amulets, all of which will require you to have Boss Ergo handy to redeem.

The cathedral area of the game takes place after you've been through the factory, so you're looking at around about 10 hours of play we reckon before you unlock the ability to trade boss ergo. Make sure to hold on to these rather than trade them in for 5000 Ergo, as some of the weapons on offer are pretty rad.