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How do you upgrade, assemble and alter weapons in Lies of P?

Once you reach Hotel Krat, the game's hub area where you can also level up, you'll have the option to upgrade and make changes to your weapons. Let's take a look at how this works.

Lies of P: How To Upgrade Weapons, Alter Handles, Assemble Weapons

lies of p weapon upgrade 2
Image: Pure Xbox

Upgrade Weapons

With Hotel Krat unlocked, you can make your way over to Eugenie on the bottom floor to speak with her and gain access to a menu from which you can make weapon alterations.

Eugenie can upgrade your weapons for a fee that includes some Ergo and specific stones that you'll pick up on your adventures. For example, you'll need Moonstones, Crescent Moonstones and so on if you wish to keep raising your weapons through several levels, with higher levels requiring rarer stones. Later in the game you'll be able to purchase moonstones of varying types from the Hotel Krat reception.

Alter Handles

Altering your weapon handles gives you various benefits and boosts, and in order to use this function you'll need to gather Technique Cranks, which can then be fitted to your handles. As you cursor over the cranks and weapons available you'll see the effects they can have on your weapon of choice.

Assemble Weapons

One of the most unique aspects of Lies of P is the ability to assemble your own weapons by combining handles and blades that you've gathered throughout your journey. Once you have some weapons, head into the menu here and you can combine and play to your heart's content, with the various boons, boosts and power modifications showing up so you can see which combos work best.

You need to think about power here, but also what combos of Fable Arts are best. Maybe you want two arts that require less powering up so they're more available in battle, for example.

As you progress through the game you'll also be able to assemble weapons at Stargazers, but you'll still need to return to Eugenie to rank them up!