Halo Infinite Multiplayer: How To Level Up Your Battle Pass Quickly And Gain XP

Trying to figure out how to level up your Halo Infinite Battle Pass quickly and gain XP? Halo Infinite's multiplayer component may be going down a storm with players right now, but there have been plenty of complaints levied at its rather slow and grindy Battle Pass progression system. It takes a good long while to rank up even one tier or level, and it can be a little frustrating if your focus whilst playing the game is to grab all those fancy new cosmetic rewards available during Season One.

In order to help you rank up and gain XP as quickly as possible, we've put together a little guide explaining how all of this stuff works and what you can do to speed the whole process along as much as possible. Let's take a look!


How To Level Up Your Battle Pass And Gain XP

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Explained

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So, the Battle Pass here comes in two different flavours, your free version, which everyone has access to, and a paid premium variety which will set you back £7.99 (roughly ten dollars).

Both Battle Passes are comprised of 100 tiers and each tier requires you to gain 1000 XP to complete it. Completing tiers nets you goodies and the premium pass will see you earn shaders, armour, XP boosts, challenge swaps and more at every level, whereas the basic will only throw you challenge swaps and the odd armour piece or shader every now and again.

In order to level up in Halo Infinite you need to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges and, after the game's latest update, you will also gain a rather meagre 50XP for completing the "Play 1 Game" Daily Challenge.

Daily Challenges

These are the easiest and quickest of the two types of challenge to complete. You'll start off with the same simple stuff each day, like complete any four PvP matches and, as you continue to nail these, they'll get a little more tricky, requiring you to actually win matches rather than just take part and so on. The further into the daily challenges you get on any given day, the more XP you'll begin to earn and the whole thing resets again the for the next day.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are much more involved, larger in scale, give you more XP than your dailies and you'll have a set of four to complete on your in-game menu at any given time. For example, right now we have weekly challenges comprised of destroying an enemy ghost, killing a spartan with the Mangler gun, killing enemies with the Commando Rifle and performing 5 headshots. Again, as you complete these you'll get new, tougher ones that give you more XP so you need to get your grind on and focus on digging into these weeklies if you want to maximise your gains.

Remember also that you can use a challenge swap item, gained by all players as they level up through tiers on the Battle Pass, to swap out a bothersome challenge that you feel you can't complete.

Another thing to note on the Weekly Challenge front is that completing all of them will net you an Ultimate Reward every week, this week's is a fancy new visor, for example. So it's well worth keeping a close eye on the weekly challenges in your dash if you want to grab all the cosmetics on offer.

XP Boosts

If you want to really maximise your XP gains these boosts are the way to go, although they are only available as rewards on the premium battle pass or through the shop for 200 credits (the smallest pack of credits is 500 for £3.99). XP Boosts, when activated, last for 60 minutes and double your XP gains for that time. It's important to note that once activated the timer cannot be stopped, even if you're not playing, so make sure you're ready to dig in for that full hour and concentrate on completing weekly challenges if you want to gain the absolute maximum amount of XP.

Besides XP Boosts, if you're really feeling the need to clear a tier quickly, you can head into the game's boosts menu and purchase a level up for 200 credits, instantly ranking yourself up into the next battle pass tier.

And that's your lot. It's pretty easy to see how some aspects of this battle pass and ranking system have irked the Halo community, you need to set aside time to rank up by doing challenges rather than just gaining XP for playing matches and spending time on the battlefield. Also, we reckon 343 Industries needs to look into allowing players to pause that thirty minute boost timer just in case they need to go do something else when it's activated. However, as we reported on already, 343 are looking closely at the progression system so expect changes and tweaks in the future!

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How are you finding Halo Infinite's progression and battle pass system? Think it needs reworked or are you happy with how it is? Let us know in the comments.