Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

The Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available and while it's all going relatively smoothly, there have been some concerns raised about the battle pass progression.

The good news is that the team at 343 is listening. Head of creative on Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten, took to social media to inform fans to keep the feedback coming. 343's community director, Brian Jarrard, has also noted how the team is busy gathering data about the Battle Pass progression and would share updates in time.

Prior to the launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer, 343 community manager, John Junyszek, explained how the development team was already aware of desired changes to parts of the game's progression system and was looking at future solutions (via Halo Waypoint):

"We’re aware that there are some desired changes for a broader progression system outside of the Battle Pass. After last flight, we have adjusted our Daily Challenges to be more focused on a per match play model. The other big issue was making Double XP boosts more time-efficient in match on usage, this is something we agree with and are looking at a solution we can provide at a future date. While we explore those changes, which could be larger undertakings, we’re also looking into faster options such as ways to increase how frequently XP is given out via Challenges and potentially tying XP Boosts to matches played rather than time."

So, there you go - the team is very aware of the conversation surrounding the battle pass progression in Halo Infinite.

What are your own thoughts about this system in the game though? How have you found the multiplayer component in general so far? Leave your thoughts down below.