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It may only be in beta form right now but Halo Infinite's multiplayer component has still got plenty of guns for you to pew-pew other players with, in fact there are a total of 22 weapons as it stands right now.

As you're starting out in the game remember that you can jump into the game's academy mode from the main menu in order to test out any gun you fancy in a series of challenges designed to help you get to grips with how each one works. This mode also provides nice little tips on how you should handle each weapon.

So, with all that out of the way, let's take a look at every gun (and melee weapon) that's made it into Halo Infinite so far!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer - All Weapons List

Automatic Weapons

BR75 Battle Rifle

Halo Infinite (20)

The Battle Rifle returns and this classic is still super efficient at medium and long ranges with good stopping power and a mounted scope for accuracy. This is one of our go-to guns that only really causes problems when enemies decide to get up close and personal. Keep a little distance though and the BR75 is hard to beat.

Pulse Carbine

Halo Infinite (21)

This classic carbine weapon fires off heavy duty bursts of plasma that do a good deal of damage and can cause some serious trouble when used at close range. It does overheat, however, so keep an eye out for that or you'll find yourself exposed.


Halo Infinite (23)

One of our all-time Halo favourites, the Needler is a deadly little gun that fires off homing needles that absolutely crush opponents as long as you're close enough to get that reticule turning red. Out of its sweet range, which is to say anywhere that isn't pretty up close and personal, it's of almost zero use whatsoever.

MA40 Assault Rifle

Halo Infinite (22)

The definitive Halo rifle, it may not be much cop at long range, but a high rate of fire means this Spartan standard does the business in medium and close combat. Just keep an eye on that recoil though, yeah.

VK78 Commando

Halo Infinite (19)

Sat somewhere between the MA40 and BR75, the VK78 has full auto fire and does the business at medium to long range thanks to advanced optics. You'll once again need to keep an eye on some heavy recoil though.

Shotguns & Rifles

CQS48 Bulldog

Halo Infinite (12)

One of the most powerful close quarters weapons in the game, the Bulldog only does decent damage per shot but that's coupled with a good rate of fire for a shotgun, ensuring that anyone or anything that makes the mistake of getting personal is in trouble.

Shock Rifle

Halo Infinite (17)

This medium to long range favourite has the benefit of shots that ricochet and arc damage to nearby foes. It's a pretty light sniper choice all round but it can manage one-shot kills with well placed headshots and that arc damage means it can also soften up groups of foes and is good against vehicles.

Stalker Rifle

Halo Infinite (8)

This Mid to long-range plasma weapon is the Covenant's take on a sniper rifle and one of the weaker sniping options in the game. However it makes up for it with a large magazine and high rate of fire, meaning you can get plenty of shots off quicker than with more powerful sniping variants.

S7 Sniper Rifle

Halo Infinite (6)

The classic Halo sniper rifle, this one hasn't changed much over the years and is a powerful, slow beast with a small ammo count. One shot to the head or two to the body is all it takes to drop a Spartan with this bad boy.


Halo Infinite (15)

Think pistol shotgun and you've pretty much got what this one is all about. Best when used as close range, this gun has a high rate of fire so it can really do big damage if you're right in on top of your opponent.

Side Arms

MK50 Sidekick

Halo Infinite (16)

Master Chief's trusty pistol is a series staple and does a great job of pegging targets at a surprisingly decent range, making it a good sidekick to your MA40. This one packs a bigger punch and higher rate of fire than you might expect.

Plasma Pistol

Halo Infinite (14)

The default Covenant sidearm is pretty weak stuff but it'll do you in a pinch. It's a gun we tend to avoid picking up unless we really have to but it can make short work of enemy shields at least.


Halo Infinite (13)

Like the Shock Rifle, this gun's damage arcs between enemies so it's useful for firing into a crowd. However, beyond being quite good for disabling vehicles and having a high rate of fire, it takes quite a lot of sustained pressure to do big damage to actual foes, meaning we tend to skip it unless we're forced to pick it up.

Grenade Launchers


Halo Infinite (3)

A plasma-based grenade launcher-typed weapon, the Ravager fires three shot bursts that do big damage and also has an alternate fire mode which can fire a large blast when the gun is charged up. It takes a while to get used to aiming this one as its shots arc into the air but it's plenty powerful if you spend the time to get good with it.


Halo Infinite (4)

A grenade launcher whose shots bounce around before exploding, get used to aiming with this one and the effort will pay off as its got a pretty huge and devastating AOE. Good for firing off into crowds.


Halo Infinite (2)

A slow-reloading mini missile launcher, this one has a decent fire rate and shoots straight and true. It's not massively powerful in comparison to some other launchers but it does a good deal of damage to crowds and vehicles. Switch to aiming mode and the Hydra can also track targets.

Melee Weapons

Gravity Hammer

Maxresdefault (1)

What do you really need to know here? If you see a Gravity Hammer grab it immediately and start laying the smack down. This is a devastating weapon that can take out anyone who is stupid enough to get even reasonably close to you. Great for going on killing sprees and rampages.

Energy Sword

0 Halo Infinite Multiplayer Screenshot 14

Much like the hammer, this sword is a beast for rampaging across maps, it's an instant kill affair and so long as you can cover the ground and get in close to enemies, you're unstoppable with this thing.

Miscellaneous Weapons


Halo Infinite (5)

A rocket launcher/sniper type affair, the Skewer can drop a target with one shot but it also takes an age to reload and takes time to learn how to fire accurately as its shots dip as they travel.

Sentinel Beam

Halo Infinite (9)

An extremely powerful weapon that penetrates targets so you can hit multiple foes at once, this gun's beam does huge damage and can be a real delight to lay waste to your enemies with as long as you can compensate for its recoil.


Halo Infinite

Another classic Halo weapon, this double-barrelled rocket launcher gives you two massive shots that will take out any enemy or small vehicle that gets caught in its blast radius. You can zoom in for more accuracy but really just point this thing anywhere near what you want dead and it'll do the rest.


Halo Infinite (10)

A bit like a shotgun, this one fires six ricocheting projectiles in a line and does pretty decent damage. It also has an alt-fire mode that switches up the angle at which it dispenses its shots.

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