Halo Infinite Campaign: What Are Forward Operating Bases And How To Liberate Them

Halo Infinite has got a pretty huge world map that's full of missions, side quests, UNSC squads and collectibles to be completed and hoovered up and, in order to make things easier for yourself as you get to grips with all of these various elements, you're going to want to make a beeline for the game's Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).

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What Are Forward Operating Bases?

FOBs are small UNSC base platforms that are currently in the hands of the Banished and it's up to you to liberate them. Not only will you accrue valour from this act, which goes towards unlocking various vehicles and other goodies in-game, but you'll also reveal the locations of all points of interest in the surrounding area. These points of interest include:

  • UNSC Squads in need of help
  • Mjolnir Lockers containing unlockable colours and emblems for the game's multiplayer component
  • Spartan Cores
  • Side Missions
  • Nearby Banished Bases
  • High Value Targets in the area

As you can see from this list, the exact locations of lots of important stuff are revealed by taking control of a FOB. Luckily, as soon as you arrive on Zeta Halo proper after the game's first few linear story missions, you'll find that every single FOB is already marked on your in-game map, so you won't have any trouble in finding them all, you just need to worry about clearing them of Banished forces.

As well as providing you with with intel on nearby goodies and missions, FOBs are also your in-game armouries, providing you with instant access to vehicles and weapons that you've unlocked by accruing valour and completing various other objectives, such as taking down High Value Targets.

Once at a FOB you simply go to a weapons or vehicle post and call in anything you want as many times as you please, there is no additional cost to doing this - although calling in one vehicle will despawn the last so you can't go getting yourself a fleet of Scorpion tanks we're afraid.

FOBs also act as the game's built in fast travel points, with any liberated FOB available for you to teleport yourself to at any time by simply pulling up the map, choosing which FOB you wish to visit and pressing X. Simple.

How To Liberate FOBs

Taking your very first FOB, which is right beside where you'll first arrive in Zeta Halo, is a breeze as it's patrolled by just a handful of grunts. Once you've got this foothold, you've got access to an endless supply of ammo and weapons with which to take the fight to the rest of the FOBs on the planet.

Before attacking a FOB we recommend grabbing a ranged gun and heading for high ground so that you can scope out exactly what type of enemies you're going to be dealing with and how many of them roughly there are.

Once you've ascertained this, prep your weapons and begin by picking off the tougher, larger enemies from afar. We also find it's very useful to shoot out any exploding cannisters in the area, some of these can make a real mess and even set off a chain reaction of explosions and damage that can really thin out the Banished's numbers.

When all of the more problematic enemies are out of the way, head on in and mop up the rest. Be aware, though, that sometimes you may find yourself dealing with sneaky camouflaged foes who will wait until you get near to reveal themselves. In order to avoid death at the hands of these smart arses, we find firing off a threat sensor dart is a good idea just to be sure the area is clear of hidden problems.

Once you're down on the FOB platform and all enemies are dead, you can hit the highlighted button at the base to take control and put the area back in the hands of the UNSC. Pull up your in-game map now and you'll see it populate with all nearby items of interest.

Have you been busy liberating FOBs in Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments.