Halo Infinite Campaign: All Mjolnir Suit Upgrade Locations

As you blast your way through Halo Infinite's campaign missions you'll get your hands on a bunch of cool new abilities for Master Chief's suit, and these come in the form of Mjolnir upgrades that you'll find in a handful of the game's more linear levels.

These upgrades are pretty much impossible to miss but, just to be on the safe side, we've gone ahead and listed where you'll get your hands on them all.

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Halo Infinite - All Mjolnir Suit Upgrade Locations

Mjolnir Upgrade #1 - Shield Core

Whilst aboard the Foundation during the second campaign mission in the game, you'll come across your very first Mjolnir upgrade, you can't miss it as the game switches to a cutscene as you approach.

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Mjolnir Upgrade #2 - Threat Sensor

During your assault on the Banished Tower facility you'll turn on a gravity lift and use it to enter the main complex structure. As soon as you gain access to The Tower you'll find this suit upgrade awaiting you.

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Mjolnir Upgrade #3 - Drop Wall

During the mission "Excavation Site" you'll turn off a huge laser drill in order to gain access to the Banished's mysterious dig site. As soon as you enter the dig site tunnels and go down into the Conservatory level of the game you'll find this one waiting for you.

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Mjolnir Upgrade #4 - Thrusters

You'll get your hands on this final suit upgrade when leaving the Sanctuary level of the game. Once again, you can't really miss it!

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