Forza Motorsport Practice Sessions Explained

When starting your Forza Motorsport career, you may notice a new 'Practice Session' feature slotted in between each race within a tournament. These practices are brand-new for Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X|S and PC, but what are they? And can you skip them?

Forza Motorsport Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions are short, pre-race events that take place on the same track as your upcoming race.

They provide you with objectives to earn more XP, including a certain number of laps to complete, a target lap time and bite-sized targets for smaller sections of the track.

The better you do with these objectives the more XP you earn, and the more vehicles upgrades you unlock - which you can then apply to your car ahead of the main races.

Can You Skip Practices In Forza Motorsport?

Yes, you can skip practices in Forza Motorsport by pressing pause during a session and heading to "Exit, Skip Practice".

Forza Motorsport Practice Sessions Explained
Image: Turn 10 Studios

Practice Sessions are a core part of the game's new career mode though, so you'll miss out on bonus XP and potential vehicle upgrades for the next race if you do skip them.