Dead Island 2 How To Cross-Play (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)

So, Dead Island 2 is here and you're ready to tear up HELL-A in online co-op, but, can you play together across different systems? The crossplay setup is a bit complicated with Dead Island 2 — at least before the dev team's planned patch — so let's break things down.

Does Dead Island 2 Support Console & PC Crossplay?

The short answer here is no, Dead Island 2 does not support proper crossplay. To put it simply, you cannot play Dead Island 2 with lobbies containing Xbox, PlayStation and PC players, or any mix of the three platforms.

Can Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S Users Play Dead Island 2 Together?

Yes, Dead Island 2 is playable across both Xbox generations, meaning Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players can share the same lobbies (just like PS4 and PS5 players).

However, due to a "known issue" with the game right now, Xbox One players cannot host Xbox Series X|S players in Dead Island 2. The developer is aiming to address this with a post-launch patch coming "early summer", but for now, this method won't work.

So, to play Dead Island 2 cross-generation at launch, an Xbox Series X|S player must host the online lobby. If you need a little assistance in getting started with Dead Island 2 co-op, check out our handy guide down below.

We hope this helps with your Dead Island 2 crossplay experience on Xbox!