Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome


Xbox One
Microsoft Studios


Game Rating

User Ratings: 5

Our Review: 7/10

Ryse: Son of Rome News


  • News Ryse Fans Are Showing Their Support For A Sequel Once Again

    It may even have been teased in a recent trailer

    It may now be eight years old, but Crytek's Xbox console exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome is back in the news once again, with fans showing their support for the game on social media and asking for a sequel. The reason it's being talked about is because some eagled-eyed viewers thought they spotted a...



  • Pick One Which Of These Xbox One Games Is Most Underrated?

    Give us your opinion

    Welcome back to Pick One! This week, we're finally moving onto the Xbox One, taking a look at three arguably underrated games that originated during the early years of the system. Let's take a look at what we're working with: Ryse: Son of Rome (2013) This stunning visual spectacle was developed by Crytek as a launch title for...


  • News No, Next Month's Games With Gold Have Not Been Leaked Yet

    Think about it...

    We don't often run "debunking" stories here at pX, but we felt like we needed to this time, given the proliferation of the story that is doing the rounds. It seems that a user over at 4chan has posted an image that claims to be a leak from Xbox.com which shows next month's Games With Gold offerings. The image shows Ryse: Legendary...