Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Xbox Live

  • US 20th Feb 2015
  • EU 20th Feb 2015
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    You spin me right round

    Every year without fail a new release is heralded as the 'Citizen Kane' of video games. It's a baffling, completely unfair comparison, as movies and games are two totally different mediums; but it's one that is easy to make when recognizing a quality product. While No Goblin's revolving limousine arcade game, Roundabout, is...

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About The Game

Roundabout is a '70s B-Movie game where you drive a constantly revolving limousine! Pick up passengers, find secret collectibles, take on dangerous missions, and fall in love in an open world puzzle adventure. Roundabout is the debut title from No Goblin, a studio founded by designers of games like Destroy All Humans!, The Gunstringer, and Rock Band!

In Roundabout, you need to pick up passengers and drive them to their destinations. The catch: your limousine is constantly spinning in circles! To move around in Roundabout, you need to time your limousine's movement with the constant rotation in order to curve around obstacles, buildings, and more. Set in 1977, Roundabout tells the rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, arguably the world's most famous revolving chauffeur. While driving players around the town of Roundabout, players will learn about the dizzying highs, terrifying lows, and secret loves of a revolving limousine driver. You'll experience the seventies in the only authentic way possible: with full motion video set in the interior of a limousine.