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I've had my Series X since the beginning of 2021 and have so far had 2 warranty claims.

1, Within the first week of ownership my Xbox wireless controller developed a sticky right trigger. I hear this was also a problem on the older controllers, but I'd never had it happen before.

2, After 6months of use the disc drive started to make a strange vibration noise, this could be remedied by putting it into landscape orientation, however I keep it vertical like in the marketing material.

A friend of mine, and also the only other person I know with a Series X has had the disc drive fail entirely. He also reported putting it into landscape helped prior to complete failure.

I'm interested if others have had similar problems, is there a trend emerging in regard to the faults?

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I have one for 3/4 months now and have no issues so far. I have not used the disc drive much but it worked as intended every time

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I have had an X since last December and it's running fine still. In fact it even survived a house fire this past May. Maybe you got a faulty one.

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I've had my S since just after launch and except for the occasional full system crash I have had no issues either



Had an X since January, and an S since March. Neither can currently connect to the internet over ethernet. It maintains the connection for maybe 15 minutes then it gets dropped for maybe 5 minutes. So I have to go with the significantly slower wireless connection. This just started a couple weeks ago. Used to last for a couple hours before dropping. Now all I get is 15 minutes. Wireless works fine all the time, but it's so much slower.



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