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@Balta666 Unlikely I can join in a long game this month as i'm taking my backpack and going walkabout. But there is a small chance I might be able to squeeze in something small like Turnip boy robs a bank, the first one was brilliant.

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I have no vote for March, but I've been playing through Sunset Overdrive. Just haven't had time to post yet. Will update soon!

See ya!


So I would want to cast a vote for Ghostwire: Tokyo and Wo Long: Fallen Destiny. Especially Ghost Wire Tokyo is a game that Iam like in the mood to play soon. I think we would have a good time to play it. It is like a first person game with some surreal elements attached to it. The thing is that it may take longer then a month to 100% it (something which I think many would like to).



Patiently waiting to see what March's game is 😬



So Sunset Overdrive

This is just going to be a collection of thoughts. Probably a bit rambly. I've read what other people have wrote about it too and I think I largely agree with a lot of what's been said.

My Progress:

I've finished the main game and I've nearly finished the first DLC. To be honest, I spent the earliest sessions playing this game just mopping up the collectibles on the map because that seemed the most fun thing for me to do. I've still got most of the green markers to do though, I love the platforming challengers but I'm not very fond of the combat challenges unfortunately.

I'll start with the Bad

  • Lots of sound glitches. I am not sure if this might be to do with the lack of a Series X update and the use of Quick Resume.
  • I've had a lot of lines in cutscenes cut off the last few words.
  • When I got to Las Catrinas, the whole faction was entirely mute despite my character speaking normally. Had to reboot the game which fixed it.
  • Had the game crash once
  • Some of the Platforming isn't very clear at the beginning, like collecting Overdrive signs was hit and miss. Do I have to wall run? Do I have to have some charge? I don't know, its largely resolved itself without any conscious input from me.

The Meh

  • I don't love the tower defense mechanics to get amps.
  • Upskilling the characters platforming abilities takes a bit too long. If I wasn't doing side stuff, I'd be almost halfway through the main story or further before I got the Air Dash or the Big Bounce. I've encountered another new permanent platforming mechanic in the first DLC too.
  • I don't love the Amps, Overdrives and excessive customisation stuff but that's a me problem. Insomniac are known and loved for this sort of thing in their Ratchet games.
  • I'm not amazingly fond of the post-modern meta storytelling style. Maybe it was moderately novel when the game came out, even then I suspect it wasn't but perhaps the overtness of it was?
  • I'm not crazy on how much the game makes fun of it's target audience either. Loads of geek hobbies are depicted with such disdain with lazy caricatures and low hanging jokes and it's not even funny. I'd give this a pass if it was actually funny or cleverly done but I don't think I've laughed once at a punchline which is a great shame.

The Good

  • Platforming, when you have all the moves. Traversal is effortless and fun. Before all the moves were unlocked, I definitely preferred something like Spidey but I'm edging towards the variety afforded by this game now it's all available to use.
  • Some combat variety. I haven't had the inclination to experiment with different guns because I've spent most of my in game cash on collectible maps. I feel like this could be a fun system to get into if I was that way inclined as I was playing it.
  • Collectibles. I loved picking everything up. Lots of variety and different ways to pick things up tied to the platforming mechanics.
  • The Animation is flipping brilliant. The way the protagonist struts around and stuff. It feels really realistic and if it was combined with photorealistic graphics I feel like how natural it looks would bridge the uncanny valley that more photorealistic games struggle with due to stiff animation.
  • The graphics are still good though (for it's time). Stylistically very cool, especially the protagonist.
  • The Voice Acting. My female protagonist has bundles of personality even if I'm not always fond of the script itself.


I have very much enjoyed this game, particularly how it plays. However, I haven't been that invested in the story or the characters. The main missions felt like just going through the motions. I liked the collectibles. Tower defense and weapon customisation hasn't really grabbed me.

It's been a fun distraction to kind of kill an hour or two each day.

I'm not sure I understand the love for it and the desire for a sequel. I suspect it's probably due to the moderate drought of Xbox exclusives. I think a sequel could work if it could keep the character of the first one while still dropping a lot of the corniness (clumsy and lazy jokes that are supposed to be smart and clever but just come across as dumb with a heavy dose of "punching down")

Overall, Sunset Overdrive is a jack of all trades but master of none. Perhaps a master of one, the platforming. There's lots of variety other than that but I just didn't find it that compelling. But I did enjoy what I took from the game.

I'm going to keep plugging away at the DLC and perhaps eek out the last few achievements I'm willing to do for MS Rewards purposes.

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See ya!


Ok I've finally cracked a smile at the name of the boss in the first DLC. It's called the DL Sea Monster!

See ya!


@ralphdibny never got around to the dlc. Normally, I never play dlc actually. Unless it's something I absolutely admire.



One more point I forgot to make

  • I had some extra guns at the beginning of the game because I have the deluxe edition. I think I'd have struggled with the first Amp thing without them. Having these might also have contributed to my lack of need to get into gun buying and customisation too because they are still good and I still use them.


  • I started the second DLC and there is an overt reference to the film Office Space (the killing the photocopier scene). I liked this reference more than I liked the million other done to death pop culture references in this game

See ya!


A new month, a new game and I cannot say I was expecting Turnip Boy Robs a Bank but I am definitely on board!
It is a 2024 game reviewing well (including overwhelmingly positive on Steam) with roguelite mechanics.

Please use spoiler tags when discussing spoilerish moments of the game. You do so by typing your spoiler between spoiler tags like this: [spoiler]insert message here[ /spoiler] and removing the space between [ and /

Some HLTB Stats:
Main Story - 4 Hours
Main + Extras - 4.5 Hours
Completionist - 6 Hours

Tag list, please tag me and let me know if you want to be added or removed. I think I've picked up everyone who joined this month but please just post and tag me @Balta666 to let me know if I've missed you or if you want to join!
Also please let me know if you change your username, I might not notice and you won't get the notification (equally let me know if you have changed your username to get away from the notifications and I will delete you off the tag list 😆)

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Ok so now, votes for next month.

  • Tag me in a post with your vote(s). (Just hit reply on one of my posts or write @Balta666)
  • Write your votes in bold (put the text in between asterisks) and try and keep it separate from any paragraphs.
  • One line will do, "My vote is such and such a game(s)"
  • Feel free to make the post longer but try and keep the actual vote separate from the main body of the text and at the top of the post next to my tag @Balta666
  • Vote for as many games as you like!
    The votes reset every month and start from Zero. Feel free to suggest new games and I will add them to the list and count your vote toward it!
    American McGee's Alice -
    Banjo-Kazooie - 2 (Bdv, Nbn)
    Conker's Bad Fur Day - 1 (Nbn)
    Contrast -
    Evil West - 1 (Nbn)
    Forza horizon 5 -
    Gears of War 2 -
    Genesis Noir -
    Ghost wire: Tokyo -
    Halo 2 - 1 (Nbn)
    Inkulinati -
    Inside -
    Jusant -
    Lies of Pi -
    Planet of Lana -
    Remnant 2 -
    Rise of Tomb Raider - 1 (Bdv)
    Solar Ash - 2 (Nbn, Ggr)
    Steamworld build -
    The Evil Within 2 -
    Unravel -
    We Happy Few -
    Wo Long: Fallen Destiny - 1 (Olp)

If you have another game you'd like added to the list then let me know and I will add it with a vote from you!

For other tips on formatting texts in the forum's see the link below:

I will link to this post in my signature so you can just click on my signature down below to get back to this post and see the list of games and current votes!

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Hi @balta666, can I be removed from the tag list please, as I haven't been participating in this for quite a while now. Thanks!!


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