Topic: Last Minute Thoughts/Reviews Thread (Leaving Game Pass Soon)

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I decided to switch to easy mode to finish out the game. It's funny, once there's less stress and less going on in general, it's much easier to keep in time to the beat!

Overall I did enjoy it but I don't think I'm skilled enough that ever get to the heights the game pushes you to.

I did see some credits for songs that weren't actually in the game by Muse, Paramore, Depeche Mode, Gorillas etc. I looked it up and it turns out these are in a DLC pack. Sounds interesting right? What's more interesting is that on PC, the game supports modding your own music into the game!

I've seen mods that put in Dragonforce, Eiffel 65 and Rick Astley. It's really cool, there's some songs I'd really like to see modded into it, maybe tracks from Zelda and Ryu's theme from street fighter 2. I may have to partake a little at some point!

See ya!

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