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When i launch Cloud Gaming it says its Beta. Does this indicate that improvements are on the way. As some games run beter than others. Or does it depend on your internect connection?



Cloud gaming comes up as beta no matter what device you use. PC, phone, Series X, or Series S. While a quality internet connection is required, it doesn't impact the status of the service. It has received an official release yet.



@swansea_karl The app will no doubt be improved over time but the way games 'run' is still likely to be dependent on the stability of your internet connection and/or the Developers 'optimising' their game specifically for 'cloud'.

MS put out a video for Devs about optimising for Cloud specifically - telling Devs to ALWAYS select a 60fps mode and/or don't worry about dropping resolution down to 1080p if necessary for a 'stable' 60fps as resolutions above that are pointless as the streaming resolution is 1080p. So if a Dev hasn't optimised specifically for Cloud, you may get some games that are 'running' like they do on a Series X - 4k and/or maybe with 30fps or unstable 60fps and that 4k quality image is 'supersampled' down to 1080p anyway but not getting the frame rate you'd expect from a '1080p' image.

Even if a game is running flawlessly, the stability of your internet connection is still important to ensure that the flow of Data both ways - the image coming to you, and your inputs being sent to virtual hardware - is as quick and smooth as possible to ensure the smoothest experience. You don't need a LOT of bandwidth, but you can't always control the amount of traffic...

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