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@themcnoisy lol I don't actually know what those things are, I just drive and do whatever I find next on the map 😅. I'm sure we will enjoy whatever we do in the game. But yeah, add me and send me a message on there cos I'm not sure if Xbox actually gives you a notification when someone adds you as a friend.

I'm not big on rogue like/lite/ish games either for the same reasons. I just like to play the crafted experience. It's not to say I mind rogue elements in games but I won't seek out new titles that typify the genre

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@themcnoisy Yeah I have been hearing good things about Infinite I just haven't had a chance myself to check it out short of the multiplayer. I might just wait for the co-op campaign to become available and check it out with my son.

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I think MS studios could do a better job with achievements. Sony have it down, not too easy but possible and they drip feed them throughout. Playing Ori last night Ive got one solitary 5g cheevo for working my butt off. Great game though, mesmeric in 120fps.

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