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@themcnoisy lol I don't actually know what those things are, I just drive and do whatever I find next on the map 😅. I'm sure we will enjoy whatever we do in the game. But yeah, add me and send me a message on there cos I'm not sure if Xbox actually gives you a notification when someone adds you as a friend.

I'm not big on rogue like/lite/ish games either for the same reasons. I just like to play the crafted experience. It's not to say I mind rogue elements in games but I won't seek out new titles that typify the genre

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@themcnoisy Yeah I have been hearing good things about Infinite I just haven't had a chance myself to check it out short of the multiplayer. I might just wait for the co-op campaign to become available and check it out with my son.

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I think MS studios could do a better job with achievements. Sony have it down, not too easy but possible and they drip feed them throughout. Playing Ori last night Ive got one solitary 5g cheevo for working my butt off. Great game though, mesmeric in 120fps.

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Ramadan mubaarak to all my Muslim ikhouan/brothers!
may Allah keep us steadfast in our faith and make us better human beings. Don't forget our brothers in your dua, be it in palestine/syria/afghanistan....

To then non-muslims, if you have a muslim friend, you can say "ramadan mubaarak" to him, it should make his day (if he is religious that is, may have varying effect @lolwhatno and other sub-companies hold no responsibility to the outcome of this sentence TM).

al-salamu alaykum

"None of you is a true believer until he wants for his brother (in Islam) what he wants for himself"
That's been my Motto for a few years and I try to applicate it in the smallest and biggest things (living the cold milk for someone else? )


You can say whatever you want in this thread, right?

Well, I just want to put some things out there lol. I just had surgery a couple of weeks back. I didn't realize just how close to death I actually was until just before the surgery. But I'm fine now and I'm grateful for the support I have at home. It'll be a couple more months for things to return to normal, but I can't wait for that day. And it's so fun hanging around on PureXbox, talking about games and helping to keep my mind on things that are not as dire.

When things do go back to normal for me, I'm going to invest in other hobbies. I'm going to get in touch with my creative side. I'm going to go back to writing, I'm going to take up Photography as well, to encourage myself to be more of an outdoor person. I'm going to keep a daily routine, and allot a specific time for certain tasks such as gaming, writing, etc.

This whole ordeal has put things into perspective for me. I'm going to have more control over my destiny, and I'm going to make sure I have fun while I'm doing it. That's all life is about.

Lol I have no clue where I'm going with this. I'm just grateful to still be alive. Thanks for reading my ramblings.




I got a covid booster yesterday. I feel so bad! 38.6°C. I've been in bed almost all day.

@Royalblues I'm glad to hear that you're alright. I understand you perfectly. I also have been thinking the same lately. I want to invest more time in more different things as well. I've done it before so no reason to not do it now. More time in other things I like: music, sports, hanging out, travelling... It's just a matter of being better organised which I fail to achieve since the pandemic started. I don't want to get lazy and I want to live life.

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@Banjo- Thanks a bunch for the words. Oh yeah, I'm going to step it up with the travelling. I'm too work-oriented, and it's made me lose focus on the important things. But this year is all about reclaiming my life and enjoying more things.



@Royalblues If you don't mind me asking, how did you realize/not realize sooner that you were close to death?
Also, it's a great thing to limit your gaming time if it's too important. In arabic we have the saying "everything that exceeds its limits turns against him" (I'm not the best translator). It basically means that even a good thing (gaming is fun) if its done too much becomes something bad (addiction or stopping you from following your dreams or laziness....)

I hope that you have a quick and strong recovery. Have a great day man.

"None of you is a true believer until he wants for his brother (in Islam) what he wants for himself"
That's been my Motto for a few years and I try to applicate it in the smallest and biggest things (living the cold milk for someone else? )


@lolwhatno I knew it was bad, which was why I took time off from work and seeing a dozen doctors at least. But when you hear a doctor put your situation into words, it changes your attitude towards your health. One of the doctors said that my metabolic test results were "not compatible with life." That is a crazy thing to hear from a doctor about your physical condition.

Gaming is a hobby I have always enjoyed, but at the beginning of the current generation, I told myself that the Xbox Series X would be the last console I bought. I did buy a PS5 afterwards (for my brother, I don't play it unless I visit my parents' place), but largely I have kept my promise so far to cut down on gaming. In light of recent events, I still intend to keep my promise to myself. Besides, games and gaming in general has gotten boring to me personally over the last few years. Nothing excites me anymore.

I do agree that anything in excess is bad, and sitting at home, gaming, letting life pass you by... kind of sucks in my opinion. It has nothing to do with fitness, as I'm actually on the skinny side, but more about me wanting to travel the world, and see things I don't normally get to.

Thank you, by the way.

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@Royalblues Ow, ok now I get what you meant. Must've been scary to hear that, glad to hear that everything turned out for the best man.
Don't want to throw down another time sink but if console gaming got boring for you you could try vr. I hear that a lot on reddit and most agree that vr was the refresh they were looking for.

Here's hoping you make the most off of your life, cheers!

"None of you is a true believer until he wants for his brother (in Islam) what he wants for himself"
That's been my Motto for a few years and I try to applicate it in the smallest and biggest things (living the cold milk for someone else? )


Hello everybody!
I will begin posting in this thread with a confession:
I hate Quick Time Events 🙂
Sorry, I can't help.
Said that I own a Series X and I consider it the best console of my gaming life.
I also posses a Switch but I consider it a portable device.
I'm Italian and I looking forward to have fun with PureXbox community.
Have a great day everybody 😃



Okay, I'll just write about how my last night went. I went out with friends, got drunk and ate 2 HUGE pizzas. Then I called me friends who brought us OCN stuff and we started doing some cool partying together. I think it was one of the best nights of my life because I also started getting attention from a girl I'm crazy about. I love my life.

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Condolences to my friends over in Britain. As an American I can't say it affects me in the same manner as it does to you folks across the pond, but she's been such a constant in the world culture it's going to be strange without her.

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Just found out….Mike Fahey over at Kotaku passed away this last Tuesday. That dude was the only good thing about that site for a long time. A real treasure. He will be sorely missed.


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