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@FraserG Great to see the site back!!! I know you probably have alot planned but I was wondering, and maybe you thought of it already but any chance of having a list of what games are crossplay on the Xbox with other consoles? I own a PS4 and Switch as well and like to have the fellows over for a bit of multiplayer night and knowing which games are crossplay would help alot. Just a suggestion but I am sure their are others who wonder this too.

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Could start here by making suggestions for the contents of the article. The only game I have with cross play (at least between xbox, pc and switch, possibly PS4) is

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid



Thanks for the suggestion @Tasuki! We do indeed have this on the to-do list (it's a big list!), so we'll try and get something out in the near future.

@ralphdibny By all means start making suggestions. Tell us your favourites and we'll likely turn them into a "Best Cross-Play Games" article in the future as well.

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