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Hello everyone!

Yesterday marked a month since Pure Xbox returned from its four-year long hibernation period (where did that time go?!), and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for your support so far, and welcome back to our fantastic community!

If you want to use this thread to (re)introduce yourself, feel free to do so!

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Hello I am ralphdibny. It's not my real name by an stretch but I am very security conscious when it comes to being online! I took the name from one of the more loveable Flash companions on TV.

I got an Xbox one X in black Friday last year mainly to play Killer Instinct and Rare Replay which I bought on disc however they have remained largely untouched as I've been playing game pass games using the introductory conversion offer. I think I got 2 years of gold + the free trials and upgraded it all for a pound and ended up with 2½ years of ultimate game pass!

Since then I've (re)played through resi 4 and revelations, I've played halo MCC and started the gears of war franchise. I'd like to have bought all the halos and gears physically but the original 2 halos weren't BC so I just started playing through all of it on game pass and will delay collecting them for another year (or decade).

I have a broken 360 that died (rrod) one month out of its warranty. I think I had about 8 games on it: GoW, halo 3, DmC4, GTAiv, bioshock, Lost via domus, MKvsDCuniverse and the hilarious 50 Cent Blood on the Sand. Not a lot of that is BC with the Xbox one X sadly but one day I will be brave enough to fix the 360. I think it was the GPU that broke. Anyways it was a bit of a burn so I didn't get another Xbox product until recently, now that they have built their reputation up a bit more.

I also have PlayStation 4 and Switch and about 30-40 other consoles from the past 30 years (bit of a hoarder lol). I really want an American OG Xbox so I can play Tony hawk Pro skater 2x which I heard is the definitive version of one of my favourite games ever.

I also use the Xbox to watch TV shows off a memory stick as it supports more file formats than the PS4. Life story over now lol.

@FraserG maybe you Wana add user (re)introductions to the thread title? As ive said before, thanks for bringing this site back. Good to have a PS/NL style website for my recent Xbox purchase. I ditched IGN a long time ago because of their dirty advertising and sponsored content and didn't want to go back to it for Xbox news. I'm not totally against that sort of thing but they were really underhanded, like a lot of their "deals" reccomend their users sign up to credit cards and cashback schemes and I couldn't think of anything worse to reccomend to a gamer or anyone for that matter.



Wow. I thought this site was gone forever. I used to be a casual member on PureXbox years ago.

I guess to introduce myself...

Truthfully, I’m not really much of an Xbox gamer anymore (I do still own an Xbox One X though). Not because it’s not a great console or anything, but because I became hooked on gyro aiming thanks to the majority of Switch games including it, and decided I didn’t want to game without it anymore, so I migrated over to PC where I can map gyro aiming to every game.

But I’m thrilled to see this site back up. Xbox has a really slick console coming out with Series X, and for anyone who doesn’t care about gyro aiming, it’s gonna be the platform to own (for modern AAA games, obviously Nintendo is in a different category altogether).

I particularly like the instant suspend feature. And the full backward compatibility. It needed to happen. And the fact it dang near rivals my PC in raw GPU performance despite having a much lower cost. SSDs are also a must, so that’s nice to see. I did away with normal HDDs on PC and only use SSD now, and it’s made such a difference. Near instant fast travel in Witcher 3. Near zero load times after death. It’s great.

I do think space is going to be a concern though. I paid up the wazoo for 10 TB of SSD space, and even my X1X has a 6TB HDD that’s nearly full. I don’t know how I would ever fit all the games on Series X without a 10 TB SSD. Hopefully by the end of this upcoming generation the prices on the expandable SSDs for Series X will come way down, and sizes will increase substantially. Those first few years might be rough though, at least, if you buy as many games as I do 😁

I should also mention, I’m a huge fan of Microsoft putting their games on PC. Glad to see Sony dipping their toes in with Horizon as well. I can actually play Halo Master Chief Collection with gyro... that’s absolutely incredible. A dream come true, actually... well, I’d like to see it go portable on Switch too like they did with Ori, but I’m starting to think Phil Spencer is regretting advertising their IP with a few games on Switch, as people started “expecting” new games to release there, such as Ori Wii of the Wisps. And this is why we can’t have nice things- ppl should have just said thank you kindly and shut their mouths.

I see Gears 5 on the Steam store page, and of course, Gears with gyro? Gotta have it. Just got Ori Will of the Wisps too. Both on Steam AND on Xbox One, because I love that series and really wanted the collector edition.

In any case. Welcome back PureXbox. I’ll be sure to bookmark your site for a good news source on upcoming Series X info.

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Good to be back! Why did it ever go away??

Seriously thinking about upgrading from and S to One X... Seem to be cheaper atm...

What do you all think?



Okaaay, so I'm Captain Chaos (obviously). I was an active forumite of the old site and was sad to see it go. I was also one of the sad few that still checked back in for a good while after just in case it came back. I hope some of the old players return but am also looking forward to some banter with the new members.

I try not to take things too is too short, although I do try not to offend anyone. I'm currently playing on my (Christmas pressie from the Wife) Xbox One X. Still have it's predecessor (Day One) Xbox One and even the 360 slim from before that. I don't have the Elite as I sold it many moons ago. Other than that I have some older consoles from the 'other' manufacturer, plus a Megadrive. Before that it was PC's and my now very old Amiga 1200, which I still have...boxed!

Gamewise, I tend to be a loner but have been known to join a multiplayer game with family or friends. I don't join random matches and rarely dig out the headset.

If anyone wants to add me, my GT is Captain Chao5 - but please send me a PM so I know who you are or you'll likely get deleted.

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Go for it. They're crazy cheap and you know you'll be covered for a good while regarding new games. When you're ready for SeX (😱), Smart Delivery has your back.




I may just do that. I like the backwards compat aspect too, and that it enhances some games.



@xHedon Welcome to pure Xbox. I look forward to some interesting discussions.

@BlueOcean We have a thread for this. Looks like it’s been dormant since april.



I wasn't aware that this forum existed. I was also not aware that this site existed years ago, but over the past few months I had been looking for a new Xbox news blog to follow. I stumbled upon Pure Xbox through Google and I decided to become a member. I've enjoyed my short time here and I hope to continue that.

I'm from Texas and I enjoy many things including gaming. Travelling became a passion of mine after school although those "bro" trips are kind of over for me now. I've been team Xbox since the original. Before that I had an SNES and N64. I hold the N64 close to my heart but I must say I think the 360 is my favorite console of all time. I don't game quite like I used to thanks to a busy work schedule and the joys of becoming a father for the 1st time but I still manage to squeeze some time in here and there. Feel free to add me on Xbox Live, I enjoy almost all kinds of games. As of late I've been partaking in the Game Pass Club where we decided to pick a game every month that we all play and then discuss it. We have a forum for that so check it out!

I've been rambling on for too long now. Hopefully these next few months seem to go by super fast so that we can all get our hands on a Series X! I look forward to many more interesting discussions with this great community.

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Hi, I'm Crippy D (its my GT too) and like @Captain_Chao5 I was also a fairly active forum member on pX previously and prior to that the OXM forums.
Most of my gaming is solo with the occasional online meet up when previously organised. I've been Xbox since the first one and I have setup a 360, a day one One (which my son uses) and my One X and without a doubt I'll be preordering the Series X.
Halo is my favourite series so I've spent an unhealthy amount of time completing the games solo legendary and playing firefight on Reach.


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Hi, I am Dpullam and i have returned to Xbox gaming a couple months ago after years of not being able to play my Xbox due to it mainly be my kid's TV box for the longest time. And boy how I have missed it! I have been hitting a bunch of games hard that I have missed our and I have become re-addicted to my Xbox One again. Just goes to show that patience does have its rewards! Enjoy gaming whatever console you are on everyone!

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