Will Chip Shortages Mean No Xbox Series X|S Upgrade This Generation?

Last generation was the first time we ever got a true upgrade within a console life cycle. Sure, we always received slim consoles here and small revisions there, but the Xbox One X marked a significant change in direction for console gaming.

The mid-gen Xbox One X was a massive upgrade on the base console, bringing incredibly high resolution targets and often the ability to switch between multiple graphics modes. Arguably, both it and the PS4 Pro have had a huge impact on the new generation, as multiple rendering modes are now the norm.

On the Xbox side of things, the One X has seemingly had a big impact internally. This time around, Microsoft has built the idea of multiple consoles within the generation right into its naming convention. 'Xbox Series' has always implied that we may see multiple console iterations this generation, and the Xbox Series S already proved that point at launch.

Xbox Series S.large

However, the pandemic has had a huge impact on chip manufacturing, so much so that new-gen consoles are still pretty hard to find, barring the Xbox Series S, which is seemingly cheaper and easier to make. With that in mind, has the chip shortage harmed our chances of a new Xbox anytime soon, or will Microsoft merely change direction?

Back in March, a new console codename was spotted in a Microsoft datamine. If 'Keystone' does indeed allude to a new console, then chip shortages clearly haven't stopped Xbox console development. However, with how readily available Xbox Series S is — while Series X isn't — Microsoft may opt for another budget, low-power option, rather than a Series X 'upgrade'.

Or maybe we'll go back to the more traditional console path, where internal revisions and slim consoles are the most we can expect from this generation. After all, there's already talk of Xbox Series X revisions going on, and these new consoles are still pretty powerful in the grand scheme of things. Either way, we know work on new Xbox hardware is underway in some capacity; Microsoft's Liz Hamren said as much last summer.

Xbox Series X Internals

For us, we'd be happy for the Series X to stretch a little further this time around. Last generation, the Xbox One lagged behind from the off, but the Series X still feels super powerful — with plenty of untapped potential — 18 months into the generation. As much as we'd love to see more powerful hardware, we don't think the market really needs it anytime soon.

But what do you think? Will we see another Xbox Series console sometime soon? Vote in the poll and let us know.

Will We See An Xbox Upgrade This Generation?