Microsoft Reportedly Working On Smaller, More Power Efficient Series X Chip

The Xbox Series X is a pretty beefy machine, not only in power but also in size. It'd make sense then, that a year and a half after launch, revisions may well be underway for a more efficient version of the console. According to a new report, that much is already happening.

Journalist Brad Sams discussed the topic on a recent video going over all things gaming and tech news. A viewer asked about Series X console revisions and Sams replied, saying he believes revisions are already being developed.

"I believe this is true [...] I know that Microsoft was working on revisions of the chip.

Now, are we going to see performance improvements, are we going to see anything else? I do not believe so but Microsoft is always working on making cooler, more efficient chips because that lowers the cost of production."

"I believe it is accurate the Microsoft is working on a smaller, more power efficient chip. That is, I'm very confident in that."

Now, we must note that at this stage, such a revision would likely be an internal one and the console's exterior would remain unchanged. A slim console will likely arrive one day, but smaller internal revisions typically happen this early in a console's life cycle.

Would you be interested in a console revision for efficiency? Or would you hold out for a slim? Let us know below.