Project Scorpio
Image: Project Scorpio Chipset

Xbox has been pretty public with its console codenames in the past. Durango became the Xbox One, Project Scarlett eventually materialised as Xbox Series X, hell, Microsoft even named the launch Xbox One X after its codename: Project Scorpio. Is ' Project Keystone' next?

In a Microsoft file datamine by Twitter user Tero Alhonen, 'PRODUCT_XBOX_KEYSTONE' was discovered. Nothing else was found on the 'product', however, its place within the datamined files is very interesting.

Basically, Keystone sits right underneath Durango and Scarlett among the files, two other Xbox console codenames that — as previously mentioned — turned out to be real Xbox systems. Could Keystone relate to the next Xbox?

Who knows at this point. You might think it's a little early to start talking about new Xbox systems, but development often begins right after a new console launch. There could also be another 'Xbox Series' line in the works too, as the naming convention suggests there may be more Series' to come.

Is this the early workings of a new Xbox console, or pure coincidence? Let us know your thoughts.