We're taking a look at another Digital Foundry analysis this afternoon, as the outlet has embarked on a teardown of the Xbox Series S hardware (which you can watch above), calling it a "genuine engineering marvel" in the process.

The teardown, performed on a dead console by DF's Richard Leadbetter, is said to have revealed "simply excellent" design and construction, and the Xbox One S's mainboard is "frankly massive" by comparison. He notes that "Microsoft clearly worked extra-hard in making Series S as small as it could possibly be."

You can watch him go into the process of actually taking it apart in the video, but the conclusion he comes to is that if a PC manufacturer was doing the same thing as the Xbox Series S for the same price, it would get rave reviews:

"If a PC manufacturer had put together an ultra-small form factor unit like this, packing this much performance into this small a box, the reviews would be stellar. The idea that Microsoft is shipping this at $299/£249 is remarkable."

"Yes, Xbox Series S is a 'cheap' console but perhaps 'inexpensive' would be a better description - as the quality of the engineering from top to bottom is simply first-class."

The Xbox Series S has definitely had its critics — both pre and post-launch — but the overwhelming majority of owners have shown nothing but love towards it so far, and it continues to impress with the ability to run games at up to 4K resolution and/or 120fps in some cases. We at Pure Xbox think it has a very bright future ahead!

What are your thoughts on the Xbox Series S in general? Let us know in the comments below.

Xbox Series S Owners, What Do You Think Of It?

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