Persona 5 Tactica has been one of our most anticipated Xbox Game Pass titles for ages - Atlus's upcoming spinoff heads to the library on November 17th, 2023. Ahead of that day one Game Pass launch, we've been hands-on with the new JPRG - and have come away with 15 neat details to tell you all about!

As you can see above, our video producer Craig was on point here, and he's thrown together a lovely list of just about everything you need know before diving in on Xbox Game Pass. You've got just about a week to soak up all this knowledge in time for release!

If you're thinking of catching up with the series on your own accord ahead of Tactica's arrival, Persona 3 and Persona 4 both remain in the Xbox Game Pass library - and they're absolutely worth playing. Here are our recent written reviews for these two brilliant JRPGs:

Anyway, we hope this video is useful and you feel ship shape and ready to go for Persona 5 Tactica's big launch next month. Fellow Xbox Game Pass fans, we're hopefully in for a real treat on November 17th!

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