Welcome to your Xbox games roundup for October 9-13! We've got two obvious highlights coming up in the form of Forza Motorsport and Lords of the Fallen next week, but don't forget the likes of From Space (included with Xbox Game Pass), Wild Card Football and even The Grinch: Christmas Adventures!

Here's what's coming to Xbox next week:

New Xbox Releases (October 9-13)

  • Builder Simulator (October 10): "Builder Simulator is the perfect game for those who want to build a house from the ground up, one brick at a time."
  • Forza Motorsport (October 10): "Experience a cutting-edge simulation with incredible photorealistic visuals that deliver real-time ray tracing on-track, new damage and dirt accumulation systems, and massively upgraded physics featuring powerful assists and a 48x improvement in tire fidelity."
  • Lil Gator Game (October 10): "Climb, swim, glide, and slide your way into the hearts of the many different characters you meet on your travels."
  • Long Gone Days (October 10): "After being deployed to his first mission, Rourke leaves The Core’s base for the very first time, only to discover the dark truth about the operation he’s part of and the consequences of deserting an inescapable war."
  • Wild Card Football (October 10): "Wild Card Football is a fun pick-up-and-play arcade-style football game featuring 7v7 team-focused gameplay with the unique Wild Card system that lets you change the course of the action in an instant with special power-ups and rule-breaking abilities."
  • Axis Football 2024 (October 11): "Axis Football 2024 features fluid simulation gameplay, endless customization, and the industry’s best franchise mode."
  • Between Time: Escape Room (October 11): "Between Time is an escape room that will test your skills. Travel through time, explore mysterious places around the planet, solve puzzles, decode secret codes, and find hidden objects and treasures."
  • RedRaptor (October 11): "Blast off for a retro arcade experience in RedRaptor, a vertical shoot’em up inspired by genre classics of the ’90s."
  • The Crown Of Wu (October 11): "Get ready to explore a new world inspired by Journey to the West, a traditional Chinese tale about the Monkey King, Sun Wukong."
  • Astrosmash (October 12): "In Astrosmash you control a laser cannon that scrolls left or right along a flat plane to target falling objects, such as large or small meteors, spinning bombs, and guided missiles."
  • From Space (October 12): "Take on the challenge of liberating the earth from an alien infestation with your friends, using over-the-top weaponry in a post-apocalyptic world with awesomely stylized graphics."
  • Haunted House (October 12): "Chills and stealthy thrills abound In Haunted House, a reimagining of the classic Atari adventure! Players take control of Lyn Graves, the precocious niece of legendary treasure hunter Zachary Graves."
  • Re.Surs (October 12): "A futuristic story-driven 2D side-scrolling shooter featuring unique heroes with various abilities."
  • Alphadia I & II (October 13): "Step into the enchanting world of Alphadia, a revitalized epic fantasy RPG series that merges the first two titles, 'Alphadia I' and 'Alphadia II', into a single, captivating adventure."
  • Chemically Bonded (October 13): "Enter the melancholic life of an ordinary Japanese high school student as you become entwined in a dispute between two neighboring students."
  • Lords Of The Fallen (October 13): "Lords of the Fallen introduces an all-new, epic RPG adventure in a vast, interconnected world more than five times larger than the original game."
  • The Grinch: Christmas Adventures (October 13): "With colorful visuals inspired by Dr. Seuss’s original illustrations, local multiplayer fun with up to two players controlling the Grinch and Max, and controls and puzzles designed for younger players, The Grinch: Christmas Adventures is a fun new way to enjoy the classic Christmas tale."

Xbox Game Pass Titles

What will you be playing on Xbox next week? Let us know down in the comments below.

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