Talking Point: Xbox Fans, How Are You Getting On With Microsoft Rewards In 2024?

Earlier this week, we talked about Microsoft Rewards for the first time in a while - and that's not usual for us! Truth be told, we've soured on the program a little over the past year, and that's simply because you can't earn as many points as you used to. It's still a fantastic service, don't get us wrong, but it's not as good as it once was.

This was driven home when we made some changes to our big "Microsoft Rewards & Xbox: How To Make 10,000 Points Per-Month" guide, which used to have "20,000" in the title. Sadly, a bunch of features have been taken away in recent months, including some very lucrative methods of earning points - such as the "Play With Friends on PC" quest.

Nevertheless, Xbox is definitely not giving up with Microsoft Rewards. The Rewards Hub is a much more reliable way of earning points than the buggy MS Rewards app used to be, and the new "Rewards Notes" feature indicates that various updates are planned for the service in 2024 and beyond. So, the future looks fairly bright!

With that said, we're interested to know how you're getting on with Microsoft Rewards this year. How many points have you earned in recent months, and have the changes dampened (or heightened) your enthusiasm for it?

What Do You Think Of Microsoft Rewards In 2024?

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